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As CorendonMICE we are pleased to be able to present you personalized health, wellness and beauty services. Only hand-picked providers have been negotiated with to provide the highest-quality, technology and services. In the medical field, we are able to offer packages that include their specialised services, transportation and accomodation.
Turkey’s modern hospitals, trained personnel, specialised doctors, technological infrastructure and experience enable us to offer services that equal European standards. Many of the private hospitals with whom we partner with are accredited globally for their quality of service.
Turkey’s geographical location, wide-range of health-related institutions, well-trained and educated personnel, spas and natural beauty make for an attractive and ever-growing center for Medical and Wellness Holidays.
Medical Treatment Services:
• Infertility (Test-tube and IVF procedures)
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Optical, dentist, dialysis and other miscellaneous treatments
Thermal Tourism and SPA-Wellness Services:
• Thermal Spa treatments and physiotherapy
• Thalasso therapies