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Istanbul: A huge metropolis with thousands of years of history, impressive architecture and colourful entertainment that enchants and allures allcomers to visit or stay.
Many Empires have fought to rule this ”city of cities” as it has been known. The Roman, Byzantine and later the Ottoman Empires have made this glorious city their capital; even the Catholic Church has called this city the home of a pope. Visitors from all around the globe are fascinated and come back for more; ever finding more to explore and enjoy.
Every district of the city has its own unique flavour and identity and is the host to historical remnants from their many forebears. Even for the citizens of this amazing city, they ever find more treasures to explore and be enthralled at.
Over the past thousand years, this city has been a gateway from east to west, a bridge between Europe and Asia, a melting pot for its diverse and cosmopolitan population of 12 million. During the ages of conquest and empire this single city has hosted been distinct in history as having seen the end of one age and the dawn of another.
Drawing on its history of being such an important cultural and social gateway, the city has deliberately developed World-class locations to host conventions and meetings.