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Antalya is known as one of the most beautiful cities and Turkey and thus has been called ”heaven on earth”, ”the pearl of the Mediterranean” and ”the Turkish Riviera”. Since ancient times, Antalya has been known in legends and myths as a city filled with lush forests, invigorating rivers and lakes, graced by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean and a place of the Gods. Throughout Asia and Africa, Antalya has one of the most magnificent and best-preserved ancient theatres. Antalya is a city of many archaeological and historic structures as well as miles and miles of magnificent beaches along which can be found many natural wonders, waterfalls and caves.
Many of the Golf Clubs located in Antalya have become favourites among professionals in the sport. Due to the artefacts exhibited, the Antalya Museum has become a globally recognised insitution. With many high-quality hotels based in the area, access to the best technology, comfort and highest-level of quality delivery and meeting rooms equipped with all the necessary requirements for congresses, seminars and other events has become an expected norm. Hence, we have a historically beautiful centre that works to achieve the most.